How to Prepare for Picture Day

Dress to Impress

We recommend students wear a solid, subtle-color top made from opaque fabric, such as cotton or polyester.  Try to keep prints to a minimum.

Keep in mind the school's dress code.  Many schools require shirts with sleeves and have a no hat policy. Please check with your child's school for specific rules and regulations.


Geskus photographers come to each shoot with plenty of disposable combs on hand to fix major mishaps but it isn't always our place to interfere with student's style choices.   We suggest styling hair as normal with special attention paid to taming fly-aways or pieces that are sticking up.

If you are going to get a haircut consider scheduling for 1-2 weeks prior to picture day.

Picture Time!

At a typical shoot, Geskus photographers strive for limited school day interruption.  We have a brief conversation with the students and use keywords to achieve a natural smile.  The photographer will have the child sit down and help them pose for the best picture possible.  We always have students sit up as straight as possible and look at the camera.