Take great photos, win a gift card!

We all take great photos, why not earn something for your hard work?   During the season, if you feel you have taken a stellar picture on picture day, at an event, or out in the field, we want to know!  

Option 1: High quality (RAW or minimum 300 DPI) landscape images that could be used for green screen portrait backgrounds. 
Option 2:  An image you take during daily Geskus activities such as a school day portrait, a dance portrait, a sports or action picture, a graduation picture, etc. 

Simply write down the Camera Card number, the name of the event or shoot that you were on, and the image number or numbers.  You can submit this information to a lead, a photography manager, or by filling out the form below.  If your photo is used in Marketing Material, we will give you a $10 gift card.

Rules:  There's no limit to the amount of photos you can submit - if you submit 15 great photos and they are all used, you get 15 gift cards!  Photos must be taken on Geskus time, either at a picture day, an event, or while travelling.  Photos must be high quality, RAW or minimum 300 DPI, for submission.  

First Name / Last Name
If you have images ready on a dropbox link, please share the link here.