We are here to help!

We know you are busy!  To help with quick answers, we have composed a collection of our most commonly asked questions below.  But, please know we are here to help directly any time you need. 

Please contact us at:

(800) 948-1120 ext. 1     *or*     service@wearegeskus.com


Picture Day

Picture Day Schedule

For a smooth picture day, we recommend creating a schedule for picture day that will work best for your school.  Once a schedule is created, share it with your staff so that everyone is prepared for their picture time slot.

On picture day, one of our team lead photographers will correspond with you on specific scheduling needs you may have.  They will likely ask for a copy of a schedule, if one is prepared.


Camera Cards

What is a camera card?

 Every subject that is photographed on picture day will need a QR coded camera card.  This is how we identify each individual. 

It is very important that camera cards are handed out to subject before they arrive to the camera. We recommend handing them out the morning of picture day either in homeroom or during first period.  Camera cards can be sorted in many different ways to help with handout.  If you have a specific sort in mind, please relay the request to your Account Representative.

Order Form Flyers and Camera Cards

If a subject has a camera card and an order form flyer, it's important that they are stapled together.  With the large number of subjects being photographed on picture day, stapling ahead of time can save a lot of time and helps lines flow smoothly.  We request these cards are stapled on the backside of the order form, in the center, toward the top.

Please see here for a sample of how to staple the camera cards to the order form envelopes.

A subject only needs a camera card to be photographed.  They do not need an order form.

Generic Camera Cards

For students can staff who are new, or in the event that a camera card is misplaced, a generic camera card can be filled out on picture day. 

It is important that generic camera cards are filled out clearly and with the name and title that should appear on a school ID.

If a student has two order form flyers (example: one for mom and one for dad), they will need to fill out a generic camera card for their second order form flyer.


Volunteers / PTA Assistance

Are Volunteers or PTA assistants needed on picture day?

Yes please! Volunteers or PTA assistants are more than welcome to join us on picture day and lend a hand! Plus, we offer complimentary picture packages to each volunteer and assistant as a huge thank you for their help! 

Your team lead photographer can help give quick guidance to how volunteers and assistants can be most helpful. 


Retake Day

When is my school's retake day? 

Please check here for your school's retake day.

What is retake day like?

Retake day is for new students and staff members, transfer students, for any subject who may have missed original picture day, and for any subject who was unhappy with their original picture and would like another try. 

We generally experience a 3% retake rate for each school.  Plan to have about that many subjects wanting or needing a retake.

We will be in and out of the school as quickly as possible.  Please encourage subjects needing retakes to be ready for when they are called down.


Services and Complimentary Items

Cover Folder

We believe every student should have a photo from picture day and no student should ever be left empty handed.  Therefore, we provide a cover folder to each child, complimentary.  The cover folder includes a 5x7 print, 2 safety cards, re-order information, and other fun activities.

Service Items

We provide an abundant amount of service items.   We know how important these service items are, so we want to get to them delivered to you as quickly as possible.  Please keep an eye out a few weeks after picture day for these items to arrive. 

Staff Packages

We are proud to offer complimentary staff packages upon request.  Simply let the photographer know that you'd like a package and we'll make sure one is sent your way!

If a staff member forgets to request a package on picture day, simply email their name or a list of names and your school name to service@wearegeskus.com.



How can parents order?

Please direct parents to order via our website www.wearegeskus.com/order **

Or via order form flyer: The child just needs to bring in their order form with payment on picture day

Or by phone: (800) 948-1120 ext. 1

Or via mail:

Geskus Studios
ATTN: Ordering Department
10 Whitaker Road
Seabrook, NH 03874

**The online and phone app preorder services are available until the end of the day on Picture Day. For example, your school's picture day is Monday September 2nd.  The parents will be able to preorder online until 11:59pm, Monday September 2nd.  Tuesday September 3nd, parents will call our customer service line at (800) 948-1120 ext.1 to preorder, or wait until their cover folder proof arrives to the school.

How long does it take for an order to arrive?

If a parent ordered online: Orders will arrive within 3-4 weeks to the address they provided at checkout.

If a parent ordered by order form: Orders will arrive within 3-4 weeks to the school.

If a parent placed a late order: Late orders take 10-14 days to process and will arrive within 2-3 weeks.

If a parent placed a re-order: Re-orders or orders from retake day will arrive within 3-4 weeks.

If a parent ordered a digital download: Within 2-3 weeks, the image will be sent via link in the email address provided at checkout. 

How should parents place a late order or post-order?

A parent can order from their child's cover folder proof.  There are instructions included on how to order via mail, or online.

Please note, prices are a little higher for post-orders as there is additional labor involved in processing an order after initial picture day.

Can a parent turn in an order form after picture day?

The lead photographer that joins you on picture day will leave behind a 'thank you bag', which includes a pre-paid envelope for any late order forms you may receive.  We suggest waiting about a week after picture day to collect late orders.  Then seal up the envelope and pop it in the mail - we'll take it from there!