Hosting a Picture Day?

Are you a school hosting Geskus for picture day?  Please see our special school FAQ page here!


My Order

Where is my order?

If you ordered online: Orders will arrive within 3-4 weeks to the address you provided at checkout.

If you ordered by order form: Orders will arrive within 3-4 weeks to your child's school.

If you placed a late order: Late orders take 10-14 days to process and will arrive within 2-3 weeks.

If you placed a re-order: Re-orders or orders from retake day will arrive within 3-4 weeks.

If you ordered a digital download: Within 4 weeks, your image will be sent in a link to the email address you provided at checkout.  If you have not received an email, please check your spam or junk folder.  If you still don't see it, call us at (800) 948-1120 ext. 1.


How do I place an order?

Order Online Here

Or, give us a call (800) 948-1120 ext. 1

Placing a Late Order


I forgot to give my child their order form to turn in on picture day. What should I do?

OPTION 1: Pre-order online until 72 hours after picture day

For example, if your child’s picture day is Monday, you have until midnight Wendesday to pre-order online.

OPTION 2: Mail in your completed child's order form to our offices

Geskus Studios

ATTN: Order Department

10 Whitaker Rd, Unit #4

Seabrook NH, 03874

I never received an order form. Where can I find one?

If it is within 72 hours of your child’s picture day, and you are comfortable ordering online, please call our offices to attain a pre-order shootkey. This shootkey can be used to order online until 72 hours after picture day.

If it is within 1 week of picture day, you can order via order form. Every school is supplied with additional order forms, and many schools are supplied with digital PDF copies of their specific order form. Please check with the school’s main office for a copy of the order form.

If it has been more than 1 week since picture day, please give us a call at (800) 948-1120 ext. 1.

“Blue Striped” Envelope


I received a blue striped envelope with no pictures in it. Why?

This envelope and it’s contents are our gift to you.  You will notice that within the envelope, there is a ‘proof’ sheet. This sheet has a 3.5” x 5” photo proof included. You can easily cut out this proof and frame it or hang it in your favorite place. At Geskus we believe that every child should receive a picture, even if no order is placed.

If you ordered online: This cover folder serves as a proof and reorder form only.  Your picture order will arrive via mail with the background you ordered online to the address you provided at checkout.

If you ordered by order form: Please contact us at (800) 948-1120 ext. 1 to learn the status of your order.


Why does the ‘proof’ picture included in the envelope have a different background color than what I ordered?

Our calendar cover folder is a gift to you. We utilize a standard background color for every child.

If you ordered online: The background(s) that you chose will appear on your prints or digital downloads.

If you ordered by order form: Please contact us at (800) 948-1120 ext. 1 to learn the status of your order.

Missing Picture Day


My child missed picture day, what do we do?

Please plan to send your child for pictures on retake day.  Check when your student has their retake day here.


How do I send my child for retake day?

Simply send your student to their school's retake day. 

If you'd like to place an order: Please fill out the order form from your child's original picture day. 

If you do not have an order form from your child's original picture day: you will need to wait for the proof from retake day.  The proof will arrive in the form of a cover folder at you child's school within 2-3 weeks and will include instructions on ordering.

If you have any notes or information that you feel is pertinent to the success of your child's retake photo, please have your child bring a note with them. 




We feel we offer the best quality product available, and we strive for a perfect picture every time.  However, if you are not satisfied with your photo, please visit us on retake day.   Find your school's retake day here

Or, learn more about our refund policies here.


Further questions?  Learn more FAQs.  Or, contact us at (800) 948-1120.